The self-install Wi-Fi solution for events.

SY5 is a leading supplier of temporary WiFi, providing secure, reliable internet access in Canada and USA.

Self-Install Event HOTSPOT

In addition to our extensive range of Wi-Fi solutions, we offer a self-install Wi-Fi solution for events called Events HOTSPOT. Useful for variety of scenarios, providing reliable internet connections wherever you are. Router and Wi-Fi access point rental. Our solutions are delivered pre-configured, simply connect it.

Events HOTSPOT Benefits

  • Easy Setup
  • Convenient
  • Portable
  • Reliable
  • Remote Management
  • Delivery and Collection Included

An economical solution ideal for limited amount of users and restricted usage.

Can be used inmultiple applications such as POS, payments systems or ticketing.

Ideal for: 

Événement Pop-up

Pop-up events


QR codes reader



Géneration de leads

LEAD Generation

Bureau temporaire

Temporary offices

Site de construction


Exposition et stand

and stands

Free public Wi-Fi to enhance your events

Public network and advanced marketing features can be enabled to collect data and connect with your visitors



+ $199 one-time setup and shipping fee

*Available discounts for long-term rental. Price shown for 3+ days rental, price may vary depending on rental duration.

Frequently asked questions

How easy is it to set up?

The Event HOTSPOT arrive in a box and have everything ready. Open the box, turn it on and enjoy your Wi-Fi internet connexion. It is a turnkey solution.

Where can I use it?

Almost anywhere in Canada where mobile network is available. Contact us to confirm availability.

How reliable is the connection?

We can confirm reliability and connection strength if you tell us the usage location.

Can I broadcast a live stream, and will it be good enough?

The connection is reliable, with speed often higher than 50MPS which is largely enough for broadcasting.

What is the Wi-Fi range?

Depending on the surrounding but you can expect a 80 ft radius from the HOTSPOT position. 

Shipping and return



We setup the Hotspot according to your needs



Receive it, plug it and enjoy your Wi-Fi hotspot



Ship it back to us

Wi-Fi for lead generation

Attending an event with the objective to collect lots of contacts? The SY5 HOTSPOT can help you generate sales leads and visitors contacts.

  • Public Wi-Fi with a branded login page
  • Promote your business, brand and event
  • Wi-Fi users invited to leave theirs e-mails addresses and subscribe to newsletters
  • Build your prospects and visitors database

Ask for a free quote. Services offered across Canada and the United States

Ask for a free quote. Services offered across Canada and the United States