Managed IT and Wi-Fi Internet solutions for temporary or permanent events. Outdoor, festivals, venues, conventions, shows and brand activations

Hundreds of events carried out


SY5 can deliver Internet and Wi-Fi to events of all sizes, no matter how challenging the location.
We are the specialists in secure, fast and reliable Wi-Fi and Internet infrastructures for any event in Canada and the United States. For indoor and outdoor events, conferences, sporting events, festivals and marketing tours.


Your operations need a reliable network to function. We use state-of-the-art equipment capable of supporting the needs of your event in terms of capacity and speed.

We specialise in providing Wi-Fi and internet connections suitable for indoor & outdoor events, conferences, film & tv, festivals and more.

Our equipment can be used across a wide range of applications from payment gateways to live streaming.

Our experts can deploy a network infrastructure for Wi-Fi and wired internet taking into account technical and physical constraints such as environment, temperature, interference and redundancy.

Free public Wi-Fi to enhance your events

Public network and advanced marketing features can be enabled to collect data and connect with your visitors

Traffic, frequency of visits and socio‑demographic visitor profiles.

By connecting to the network, visitors sign up to receive your newsletters and share their contact information: name, age, gender, birthday, place of residence, phone number, etc.

Real-time access to dashboards allows you to easily visualise and extract this data.

Wi-Fi as an opportunity for sponsorship exposure

For event creators seeking to enhance the experience by offering a Wi-Fi zone, there are plenty of opportunities to generate sponsorship revenues.

Help your partners shine!

The portal offers your partners exposure and direct access to customers.

Leverage your traffic to offer new visibility opportunities for your partners. For example:

Display banners that will expose users to a partner’s advertising.

Send your partners’ offers to your visitors via e-mail or SMS.

Ask for a free quote. Services offered across Canada and the United States

Ask for a free quote. Services offered across Canada and the United States